About the Project

The project Virtual Environmental Education, Liptovský Mikuláš was initiated upon the call of the Environmental Fund for environmental education, education, and awareness (E) field. On 4 August 2022, the town of Liptovský Mikuláš submitted an application for funding in the form of a grant for 2022. The application was approved by the Environmental Fund on 7 November 2022 in the requested amount of € 47,008.00.

The aim of the project is to create a virtual educational programme on the web and to develop an environmental application.

The website and the application focus on environment-related topics, and also include a digital booklet with information about 40 representatives of fauna and flora in the locality of the Cultural and Natural Recreation Zone Háj Nicovô (Háj-Nicovô Forest Park).

The target group of the project is the general public, predominantly primary school pupils, and pupil groups, as well as individuals, families with children, residents of the city and its surroundings, tourists, visitors, or nature lovers.

In the Háj-Nicovô Forest Park, there is also a novelty in the form of augmented reality and a knowledge quiz with 12 stops available to the general public. Through the educational quiz, with options for answers, the visitor will learn more about flora and fauna. The quiz tests the knowledge in sound recognition or knowledge of interesting facts about the life of animals and plants in the forest park. Such a form of activity directly in nature strengthens the sense of responsibility to protect the environment in each individual. It arouses the interest of the younger generations in the local natural wealth and motivates pupil groups to achieve good results in the field of environment in a simple and competitive way.

In particular, the project contributes to the promotion of environmental education, training, and awareness-raising activities that lead to a comprehensive understanding of the interrelationships between organisms and man’s relationship with the environment, while developing the consideration, knowledge, and skills necessary for environmental protection.

We sincerely hope that such a pilot project will arouse the interest of the target group and inspire other cities and organizations.

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