Háj-Nicovô Forest Park Application

Discover the beauty of the forest park and use the Lesopark Háj - Nicovô application, which will guide you through 12 stops. Take a quiz challenge or flip through a brochure about the forest park. Thanks to the brochure, you will discover 40 interesting species of plants and animals that are found in the territory of the park. Scan the QR code and download the app!

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Where to find the forestpark

How does the application work?

The application directs the visitor to a marked trail route through the forest park. At marked points along the route, the visitor can enjoy interactive exploration of interesting facts about animals and plants and puzzles containing photos, audio, and video demonstrations. A bonus on the discovery route is the digital 3D animals, which, after finding the right place, will be displayed in the application in the form of augmented reality The application also contains educational material in the form of a digital brochure about plants and animals.

When the visitor moves to the marked points of the quiz route, the application automatically launches the thematic content. The quiz with 12 stops on the route with active elements includes:

  • 6 picture-text questions;
  • 2 video questions;
  • 1 test question with audio demonstration;
  • 3 locations with 3D animal models (in augmented reality) and the associated quiz questions with the evaluation of correct and incorrect answers.

At the beginning of the application, the visitor chooses the language (Slovak or English) and then selects the user mode “SCHOOL” or “TOURIST”.

School mode

  • Teacher and pupils download the application on the spot with a wifi connection.
  • The teacher selects the “TEACHER” mode in the application and goes through the registration steps by entering the class code (code obtained from the application or website administrator) and the number of pupils.
  • By registering, the teacher generates a login code for his/her pupils in the group.
  • Pupils select the “PUPIL” mode in the application and enter the code, which is communicated to them by the teacher
  • The pupils and the teacher follow the route according to the compass
  • After the last quiz question is completed, the results of all the pupils in the quiz are added to the evaluation and overall statistics. The teacher will see it on his/her account.

Tourist mode

  • A regular visitor downloads the application on the site with wifi connection or directly at the beginning of the educational trail using mobile data.
  • At the beginning of the trail, the user selects the TOURIST mode.
  • The visitor opens the application and chooses the language.
  • He/she then chooses the variant of the content he/she wants to explore.
  • The content variants are TRAIL WITH QUIZ and BROCHURE.
  • The TRAIL WITH QUIZ is navigated using a compass used to navigate between 12 points on the route.
  • At each stop he/she can read the description of each representative of flora and fauna and complete the quiz.
  • The visitor goes through the BROCHURE and studies the text content and audio samples.

General information

  • If the user’s mobile phone does not support augmented reality, he/she will be notified about it in the application notification.
  • After each answer entered in the quiz, the user will be notified whether the answer is correct or incorrect.
  • Entering an answer in the quiz is a final choice, there is no possibility of correction.
  • At the end of the quiz, its overall success rate will be evaluated, taking into account the correct answers and the time of entering the answer.
  • When they return to school, wifi-connected pupils send their quiz scores to the school’s statistics.
  • Other visitors are not included in the statistics, for them it is not necessary to perform this step.
  • After completing the route, the content of the application will remain open to the visitor in its entirety except for the quiz.

Quiz results for school year 2022 - 2023

School Points
The fifth grade
1Základná škola Janka Kráľa35.28
2Základná škola s materskou školou Demänovská ulica4.69
The sixth grade
1Základná škola Janka Kráľa43.36
2Základná škola s materskou školou Demänovská ulica0.78
The seventh grade
1Základná škola Janka Kráľa30.89
2Základná škola Márie Rázusovej-Martákovej1.32
The eighth grade
1Základná škola Janka Kráľa24.78
The ninth grade
1Základná škola Janka Kráľa6.44
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