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Aspen bolete

Leccinum albostipitatum

Aspen bolete

Aspen bolete (Leccinum albostipitatum) is a mushroom species from the bolete family (Boletaceae). It is found in Europe and North America, growing in mycorrhiza mainly with aspen. The cap is of orange-brown color, firstly hemispherical, then arched, and finally flattened. It is slightly felted on the surface. The flesh and stem are white, but after cutting, their color changes through slate purple to brown-red and then gray-black.

Aspen bolete is a delicious edible mushroom with a mild nutty taste. Like other edible mushrooms, it should be cooked before consumption.

It has many popular names, such as “červený kozák, červený janko, janík, janek, husár, honvéd, osikovec, osičniak, osičník, osikáč, červený pán”. (*These are Slovak names related to its red color, symbiosis with aspen, a popular male name, but also associations with Hungarian Kingdom soldiers.)

Native tribes in North America have traditionally used bolete for medicinal purposes, such as treating respiratory illnesses, headaches, and infections.

The bolete is not subject to species protection, but like many other mushroom species, it is vulnerable due to biotope loss and degradation.

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