Flora and fauna
in forest park Háj-Nicovô

Norway spruce

Picea abies

Norway spruce

Norway spruce (Picea abies) is a coniferous tree belonging to the pine family (Pinaceae),
which is found in the north of Europe, Asia, and Northern America.

It is one of the tallest trees in Europe, being able to grow up to 60 meters.

Its typical conical shape allows it to retain water and nutrients in winter when the root system is frozen.

Spruce needles contain a lot of vitamin C, which is why they previously served as a remedy for scurvy.

Spruce wood is used for making furniture, parquet, woodchips, and various building materials.

Spruce resin is used in folk medicine to treat skin diseases and infections.

In some cultures, the spruce is considered a symbol of health and fertility.

The spring spruce tips contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. They are used to make juices and syrups, which act against infections and strengthen the immune system.

In some areas, spruce needles are used for aromatherapy and inhalation, having calming effects and helping with respiratory problems.

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